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of the Polish situation. The same sourceecember that Czechoslovak reservists had .-

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vlnV* speech: to ah party TOnfer^ce^ yesterday; SwiitW Defense Minister Ustinov called;for>greater vigilance in/ the face of imperialist and reactionary assaults upon vs'r, aocialiBtcountrieSr^in particular-cocialist irst Soviet Pblitburo^member other than Brezhnev to speak out directly on Poland. Brezhnev made his-re*-marks,ctober when he met witivFirst

Ustinov fs remarks reflect the heightened SovietVcoh-cern over.Poland and.may have been intended bothebuff to.Western cautioning against:intervention andarning to the Polish unions. '

Polish Domestic Situation

olidarity Mnouliced yesterday tha'fc^ittor seekt-he release of all:10

he,announcement: will- reinforce the beliefP^ty hardliners that the union will not respect the party's political prerogatives and is' intent on acting;as an alternate political power.

.olidarity spokesman said that,thep or nine members including Solidarity leader Walesa,intends;to^ invite pr<nninent,i

npyindication of what steps the committee intends to take next.

The release of all political,prisoners was one of the demands made by the Warsaw chapter of Solidarity in late November apd was slated for union-government negotiations last week* The negotiations did not take place*


The formation of this committee mayove by Solidarity's national body to remove the issue from the hands of the Warsaw chapter, which was very militant on tho issue. The move may also ba intended to put the ra-giire on notice that Solidarity intends to stand by the intellectuals and dissidents who have been supporting the union. The committee also mayesponse to therecent arrest of sevoral more membersadical dissident group. faf>}V

. Solidarity's action may upset the understandingreached between government andecret meeting last Sunday. Each side agreed to take all possibleo avoid confrontation and to control its followers.

The Polish Army newspaper yesterday issued its third strongly worded statement on events in Poland in as many days. The statement justified the concern of Poland's Warsaw Pact allies about Poland's domestic situation by citing Poland's key transit and communications lines. It pledged the military's support to "socialistincluding the acceptancepo-litical subversion, anarchy, and chaos.'"

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