Created: 12/1/1980

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An itnusually high tevml of Varmzzj Boat nilitary activity ia taking ahapc in and around Poland,tolish, and possibly Catch for-. 4M|

reports suggest that these forces are collaborating in an air tnd air defensehere has been no public announcement of such an exercii by Warsaw Pact authorities. The exercise probably will be_directed by the Soviet General Staff i

The activity observed over the past several days is unprecedented for this time of year. The developments could involve further preparations leading to military Intervention in Poland or,inimum, serve as anignal to thc Polish population. fMWgmm-

Recent Developments

chief of Soviet forces in East Germany has In-posed travel restrictions fromovemberecember covering the largest overall areas ever closed to OS, UK, and Frenchobservers. The restricted areasarge part of East Germany along the border with Poland. US defense attaches in Moscow recentlyisit canceled to areas alongthe Polish-USSR borderfor "reasons of anature*

actical air standdown

Soviet forces in Poland, East Germany, and Czechoslovakia since Friday. Polish anderman air forces also have been inactive.

Approved Mir,

air defense that leaves action."

German personnel were informed last Thursday were to be restrictedbig

tent of the to do with the

The East German party apparently has ordered Mr Force commanders to brief party members who are in the military concerning an "important" Politburo resolution. He do not know the con-resolution, but it presumably has current situation in Poland,

Amy in the Baltic Military District is engaged in an exercise. One of the two divisions observed last weak to be mobilizingnd civilian trucks is from this army.

ccesaentaries published over the weekendthat Moscow intends toigher level of political pressure on the Poles to put their house in order. The commentaries blast Polish dissidents, est, and the Chinese for working against "aof the situation." One commentary also makes ominous allusions to the Czechoslovak crisis

Central Committee Meeting

Party leader Kania hopes to use th* Centralmeeting, whichoday, to rally support for his leadership and to give theew sens* of purpose.'

Kania's prospects for success are at best The party's newspaper admitted on Saturday that many members expect to return to their "former style ofwork." The party at all levels is demoralized by its

inability to cjaaj,m] -nii'i iinil K"

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