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arty'* Central Cowmittem meeting, now schechtljd for Mzmdayuo-tJeek delay, will review regime policy toward the trade unions, try to restore morals and discipline among thend file, and probably connounce personnel changes. Mjff,

party leader kania reportedly has wanted toimtuce

major changes in the politbiro for some time. ay not have the political clout to' do aot many of the * egional first secretaries he has replaced remainhe central committee and are not likely, to- support ^

.hin^ even kania may have decided toajor ^change in the-interest of leadership stability,he sorry state of the party. dmsa^mbjojajam- '

ania is likely to exhort party leaders tomeasures to restore discipline in the "ranks.". " party

tions are concerned -that.some local leaders, are violating

discussion can be expected over recent're- i't' gime concessions to trade union demands and ita" reliance" on trade union leader. walesa to calm the situation in warsaw earlier^ this week. party moderates, on the ^otherill attempt touccess inpersuading union militants toopeful sign that'.the regime can establish arelationship with "responsible" union'leaders eflsme

the circumstances"in which walesa scoredannotource, of'.great comfort to any in the regime or to the soviets; his taskotreportedly required-more 'than, tnree hours,-': ofhave cost him some-of his"-


following within the union movement. He had to bringarade of witnesses to bolster his arguments for restraint, including dissident leader Jacek Huron, who has previously been attacked as "antisocialist. MM

Soviet Commentary

The Soviets have yet to comment on how the Poles, for the second time this week, haveajor The issue must have been discussed at the regular Politburo meeting on Thursday, and acomraentary on the subject may be issued at any time. Wm9

The Soviets, meanwhile, are still denying that they have any intention of intervening in the Polish crisis. iteraturnaya Gazeta article onovember,ecent Polish article, asserts thatis. well aware of the attitude of the Soviet leadership, which has stated clearly and openly that the development cf events in Poland is Poland's domestic affair."

The Polish article, according to Literaturnaya Gazeta, says that this stand gives thehance to resolve their present difficulties "by political means." And, while noting that an overly protracted crisis could ruin everything, the thrust of the article is that the Poles still have time to put their house in order. In fact, the references to the views of the Soviet leadership on the Polish question are the most positive remarks toin the Soviet press on the subject since Solidarity was legalized onovember. sSeV

These measures improve Soviet preparedness and probably involve some review of planning, but available evidence does not yet suggest the extensive mobilization and logistics buildup that would be needed toarge-scale invasion. Foranklocated adjacentivision where there is some apparent mobilizationnot mobilizing. fM}Mw%

Nevertheless, the improvements made thus farthat under urgent circumstances the Soviets could carry out their final preparations in lesseek. If they maderecipitate move, there might be no more than two or three days' warning.

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