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Although tha regime has stressed that it uante to cooperate with the union Solidarity, workers continue to ineiet on wagedemand that theyajor role in formulating regula-ttone on jot-related matters, and hold out the threat of strikes.

Railway workers in Gdansk have started anotheraction and have threatened an all-out strike on Monday unless the Transport Ministryageeputy prime minister said yesterday that ho would begin negotiations immediately to head of* the strike but stated the government is very "disappointed" that Solidarity continues to use strike threats in order to obtain its demands. mmmTm

Textile workers in Lodz have insisted thatrepresentatives come to that city toage settlement, and at least some workers have talkedtrike. Representatives from Solidarity havea draft on work regulations preparedinistry and demanded that more union delegates be included on the commission that la drafting the regulations. Bp

Criticism of Kania

Workers and party members in Gdansk have also strongly criticized party leader Kania'a appointment of Stanislaw Kociolek as provincial committee secretary in Warsaw. Kociolek once was party leader in Gdansk, and many people believe that his actions led to the deaths of Polish strikers


many party members believe kociolek's appointment indi-cated that Kania hadack of judgment, in-sensitivity to the feelings of the people on the Baltic

a lack cf concern fcr reviving the part.-.

and middle-level party gembfirjarediscouraged by nany changes in Polai '

the best evidence we havj nved that Kania is being" personally criticized.

Solidarity may also

I that Kociolek be dismissed from his new post. The


union already has forced the regime to dismiss atone local leaders who were appointed under former party leader Gierek, but it has not yet challenged Kania concerning any of his appointees. If it does, another majorbattle might result. MMMh*

Gestures by tbe Regime

The government yesterdayoman Catholiceputy premier. Jerxy Ozdowski, an economist whoember of the independent Catholic group ofdeputies and has close ties with the Church hierarchy, became the only Catholic to baveigh-ranking government position inanywhere in Eastern Europe. It is not clear whether tbe Church pushed for Ozdowski'a appointment or the government took the initiative. The regime has again indicated, however, that it realizes it mist seek support from the Church tothe present crisis. 4mmV

Soviet Commentary

TASS has reported Deputy Premier Jagielski's rai to the Polish parliament on Thursday that, while the Polish party is willing to cooperate with other loyal elements in Poland, it intends toresolutestruggle" against hostile forces there. Thenews agency also quoted Jagielski as insisting that Solidarity officials must not question public ownership of the means of production, the leading role of the party, or Poland's ties with tbe Warsaw Pact if the new trade union organization is toositive role in tbefuture.

tbe TASS dispatch noted that some individual unions in the new trade union organization bave been making "ill-considered and unrealisticut then tacitly acknowledged that the free trade unions are taking1 the draftingew law on trade unions and are participating in tbe workolish commission dealing with questions in the area of economic reform. Although this implicit acceptance of the new union stands as tbe most positive soviet comment on the subject since the Polish Supreme Court's decision onovember, Moscow's treatment ol Jagielski's remarks also lays out some clear limits of Soviet tolerance. mmTam.

East German Comments

East German media have cited Polish press items to attack union leader Lech Walesa for the past two days, accusing hiia of links with "antisocialist" Polishand Italian neofascists. The East Germans are eager to push the political md ideological offensive against "counterrevolutionary forces" in Poland and hope toWalesatep toward undermining Solidarity. Cast Berlin is probably as disturbed as the Polish regime by the fact that Walesa continues to meet with dissident Jacek Kuron of the Committee for Workers1 Self-Defense.

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