Created: 11/21/1980

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Reoeni actions by ths Polish polios could lead to union and popular charges of harasement and thu create msre problems fop tht regime. mM>

terday searched the offices of tho Warsaw Chapter of Solidarity and confiscated an allegedly classified legal document. It is not yet clear whether this action was authorized by the regime or was en independent action by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to demonstrate to the new unions that their activities are being carefully watched,

'onovember the po-

lice also arrested some participants inWarsaw andthethe Polish state after World Warmakingand anti-Soviet statements. During similarin previous years, such statements

Views From Moscow


institute Deputy Director Bogdanov told'

Monday that the Polishwas serious, but under control. Bogdanov emphasized that the Soviet Government had made no decision on further steps in Poland and said that it believes that ther. solve their own problems QMM

Bogdanov claimed that the US has reason to be pleased with the Soviets' restrained approach on Poland and suggested that Moscow waa similarly pleased with US behavior. He said that Moscow's only concern was the large amounts of money being sent to the free trade unions, but he added that the Soviets understand that the US Government cannot central this. (Jfk,

Those remarks were in keeping with the line that several Soviet officials have recently been putting out 'regarding Soviet hopes for "constructive" relations with

Poland, linked with the Soviet Union and all the Warsaw Pact countries, is capable of safeguarding for our nation the condition for sovereign propitious development." 4me*

Compromise between institutions, however, is not ct the heart of Poland's current difficulties. Compromises are being reached ae the highest lsvels, but lower level officials and constituent organizations are failing to operate in the same constructive spirit. eputyof tha Council of Ministers, for example, complained that small groups currently are frustrating long-term rationalization plans in the mining, construction, and sugar refining industries by stirring up local disputes.

He also recounted being threatened, after two months of intermittent negotiations,ail strike todayakeover of management of part of the rail system. That threat was subsequently withdrawn, only tohreat from Solidarity headquarters in Warsaw, which wants one of its volunteer workers released from custodyolice raid on its facilities last week. Prospects for an end to these strike threats andul tensions are not in sigh ^BBjb,

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