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We do not know who asked for che meotine, but it indicates that both men believe thereeed to ^iSit onstructive working relationship. KaniaenP5as"edWalesa the need to reestablish staointy and to increase the productivity of the work force. Walesa probably emphasized that most current problems were of the regime's own making and that it will find itself fighting brushfires as long as itto meet legitimate wage demands or tries to harass Solidarity. MMm

Popular Unrest .

The continuing unrest in Gdansk and Czestocnowa wasajor topic of the meeting. The Gdansk

* a? ? octors, health and education workers, and medical rtudents ls inh day at the provincial government's headquarters; Polish students throughout the country may be prepared to support the strikers more. Solidarity, according to severe', reports, has also threatened sympathy strikes if the reqire does not acjree to wage detar..: MM0

In Czestochowa, regional leaders of Solidarity are now demanding the dismissal of the provincial governor tor his harassment of tho union's activities. Yalkstho union and the provincial party first secretary nave been broken off, and union leaders have threatened tostrike alert" if the central governmentto send ^representative to mediate the four-dav-oid dispute.

Soviet Attitude . .

Moscow has remained silent on the Polish Supremeecision on Monday that was favorable to: darity. This public approach is consistent with Moscow's icging or obscuring the growing power

of Solidarity.

Approved fer



tmt mm


soviet coraentary about poland has been limitedeiteration of polish statements, such as premier pinxowski's portrayal last tuesday of the country'sproblems. the effect has been to indicate that "antisocialist forces* are still at work but that the polish party is trying to resolve the crisis.

the soviets nevertheless are deeply disturbed by the regime's capitulation. moscow had apparently hoped that kania would be able to extract significant concessions from the unions. president brezhnev's reception of the polish leader in moscow just before the crucial late-october negotiations with solidarity and moscow'sin announcing joint military maneuvers on the eve of the court's decision indicate that the ussr was attempting to bolster the regime's hai a

the government's sudden reversal, as well as the in ternal disarray that accompanied it, may have seriously shaken soviet confidence in kania. if soviet concern is to be translated into direct pressure from moscow on the kania regime, it may become apparent this weekend. major soviet pronouncements on poland, notably absent for tho past fivo weeks, usually followew days the soviet politburo meeting each thursday,

soviet military activity

recently observed activities by soviot forces in the western ussr haighten concern regarding possible soviet preparations for intervention in poland. We believe, however, that these activities are_probablv routine and that no invasion is ic-ainent-

reported seeing nearly

oviet troops of various service components on: tuesday and wednesdayail station in brest near the polish border. the troops, most of which had already served their two-year tour of duty and had east german stickers on their luggage, were reportedly awaiting trains en route to east germany. these personnel wore apparently not reservists being sent to fill out under-strength units in east germany but were most likelynlistees returning from home leave. it is possible, but less likely, that they have had their tours extended ^fMt



other activity in the western USSR, majorow-strength motorized rifle division located skiy in the Carpathian Military District


nents o

at Vladimi

havatheir garrison since Tuesday.

Most of the components are in an adjacent training area whore we believe routine postrotation activity could be taking place. This division, which would probablyin any intervention force, would have toa substantial number of troops and equipment to become combat ready.



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