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There are. no indications that the Supreme Court villuling today en Solidarity's charter thatuill tabisty union leaders, who apparently have completed presaraticTts fvr a. aariaa of token strikes beginning on VeJneiday. BMP

Party leaders on Friday indicated that the regime is holding flra to its insistence that Solidarity's charter aust refer to the party's leading rcle. On the sane day, the State Council issued an appeal to "all citizens and social forces" to restore calm and resume productive uark.

Solidarity leaders met in Warsaw yesterday andolved to make no concessions to the government.gain warned they will begin strike actions on Wednesday if^ the Supreme Court does not rule in the union's favor.

Solidarity reportedly has issued instructions to begin the work stoppagesit-in strike in Gdansk. Vital services such as water and electricity will not be affected, and the consumption of alcohol will beduring the sit-in.

-The government has the option of not taking forceful action against the strikers while continuing the The regime announced, for example, that Solidarity representatives had for the first time joined in the work of the commission on-economic reform, and one regime leader on Friday said that "the dispute over registration has ended, forthe Solidarity movement exists and operates legally.

The use of police against the strikers, nevertheless, 'remains a'possibility, and the party's pressci over the weekend said that the regime will'use every option totrike, perhaps declaring it illegal."




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He further noted that there were circumstances that would warrant "the defense of the rtzUcn d'tsr* of the Polisheference to possible violent or destructive acts by the strikers.

The spokesman also denied that the polish military would bu used "in working out the political situation in the country." If violence occurs, however, it could rapidly get beyond the control of the police and require the regime to order tht- ail; to act. 0M0

As part of the muscle flexing that has been taking place, Warsaw and Moscow announced vesterdav that Polish and Soviet troops had held joint exercises in Poland over the last several days. Although billed as normalactivity, the statementsointed reminderhe unions' actions may yet set inourse of evenf* That would lead to Sovlet_military intervention.


the countryside erflund Warsaw andormalthero.

Tighter Controls on Western Journalists

An unspecified number of Journalists yesterday were denied entry to Poland after landing at Warsaw's airport. Those already in tho country with valid visas wereo appear today to have their documents roviewed. emmet.

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