Created: 4/10/1981

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ui asK*nr,xztiy una' 'political pace, hown'er, Ij on the upswing. Party leader Kania yesterday faced heated criticism from reformers in tha party rank and file. Prime Minister Jaruselski today will assess the state of the nation in Parliament, but we have no confirmation of earlierthat he willtate of emergency. Soviet President Breshnev could comment further on the Polish situation at closing ceremonies of the Cseohoslovak party congress.

In his address to Parliament, Jaruzelski seemstotate of emergency or ask for special powers for himself. Moreover, in light of diminished

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internal tensionsidespread belief in Poland that Moscow has given thereathing spell, such an action would take Parliament by surprise and probably would meet significant opposition, we also continue to doubt that the political leadership is ready to renege on its pledge to seek the resolution of problems through political means. *SBasTs

Jaruzelski will probably outline his government's future economic policies, lay out the conditions forwith Solidarity, and renew his requesttrike moratorium to rebuild Poland's economy. Be might also address several controversial issues such asof an independent farmers' union andsubjects under discussion by parliamentary There have been signs that the regime is prepared toarmers' union, but is lookingace-saving way to do so. tU

Ferment in the Party

In his first public appearanceeek, Kania heard sharp criticism of the Politburoisit with party rank and file in Gdansk, the birthplace of Solidarityenter of reformist pressure. ocal party official accused the central leadership of ignoring voices from below and failing to implement promised He and other speakers demanded changes in the top leadership, in internal party procedures, ond in the party's manner of governing Poland. In Kania's response to the critioism, he pledged to heed their pleas and virtually promised changes in the Politburo at the next Central Committee session, elated to be held late this month. Be also stated emphatically that the Polish party must resolve the crisis "exclusively and with our own strength."g

Ferment at the party grassroots is leading to significant turnover of party officials in come regions, ln many cases the new heads of basic party organizations also belong to Solidarity. Tbe party has urged itsto joinone-third of the party belongs to thethe leadership must be seriously concerned whether the primary loyalty of these individuals still lies within tha partv. htoscow shores these concerns.

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