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POIAND: Pressures Ease Despite Military Buildup

Tenotome continuecji in rvland Sopite the continuedPact military activity relatedossible intervention. Solidarity organisations are moving out of the factories and back to their normal headquarters. The Bydgosscs chapter of Solidarity hae suspended its strike alert, leaving the country free of etrikes or strike threats, nevertheless, recent reports indicate that some Solidarity members late last month had collected weapons andplans for economic sabotage and underground activity should the Soviets intervene.

A high level of military activity continues in and larationossible intervention.


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Evidence from other sources"of troop movements in tho western USSR. T WNINTEL)

Pact Summit in Prague

Soviet President Brezhnev's attendance at the Czecho Slovak party congress, which begins Monday, could set the stage for another Warsaw Pact summit on Poland. Brezhnev decision to go to Prague is almost certainly linked with the Polish situation. He has not attended an East Euro->ean congress in six voars

Although other Pact leaders--includTn^PolishFirst Secretaryattend as well, there is noevidence they will do so. As of Wednesday,President Ceausescu had not planned to attend, he may not have known then that Brezhnev was going.

Pravaa on the Polish Party

Soviet media continue to call for ideologicalon the part of Polish Communists. Pravaa yesterday underlined the need for "unity and cohesion" in party ranks and said attempts to undermine Marxism-Leninism must be opposed decisively. MB


On Thursday, Pravda contained the first Sovietof the Polish party since Kaniarst It charged the Warsaw party organisation with ideological laxity for failing to rebut anti-Soviet and antisocialist remarks allegedly made by dissidentsolidarity leaderarsaw university lecture. The article asked rhetorically what further proof was needed that there are antisocialist forces in Poland.

Probably responding in part to the Soviet criticism, Kania on Thursday net with members of the Warsaw party organization. eated session, some party members apparently defended Solidarity against charges of "counterrevolution." Other local party organizations have demanded publicly an explanation why hardliners were not removed at last Sunday's Central Committee session. Such breakdowns in traditional partyonly bolster Soviet fears that the Polish party is falling apart.

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