Created: 3/26/1981

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POLAND: Further Talks Slated

Solidarity and government negotiators held brief, inconclusive talks yesterday and agreed to resume discucaione tiday,mmmwmm

Much of the session apparently was taken upovernment presentation of its still unpublicized report on the incident at Bydgoszcz. Union leaders found the government report inadequate, saying it failed to answer their specific demands. Deputy Premier Rakowski, the government negotiator, apparentlyough linethe meeting, accusing some in Solidarity ofholy war" against the regime. The remarks werelater.

leader Walesa probably presented the union's expanded list of demands to the regime Solidarity wants the dismissal of officialsfor the incident at Bydgoszcz, greater access to the media, the registrationarmers' union and, for the first time, an end to all pending legal actions against political dissidents. The government may be unyielding on this last demand, but the union could be willing to compromise.

It appears the party leadership is having problems deciding its strategy. Rumors were rife in Warsaw that the Politburo held an all-night session on Tuesday. The leadership yesterdayunday meeting of the Central Committee, probably to ratify Its decisions and perhaps to consider personnel changes. eeting of the parliament is.scheduled for Monday, likely for the same reasons.

The patty leadership has been under considerable pressure to concede,inimum, that the police used excessive force in Bydgoszcz. Many local partyare protesting the Politburo's one-sided statement of Sunday and are calling for punishment of thosefor the violence. Polish television is said toopy of police -films of the incident that document police brutality.

chapters throughout Poland, meanwhile, continue preparationsour-hour warning strike on

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Fridayeneral strike next Tuesday shouldfail to bring acceptable government concessions. At least one chapter told the party roembersin its ranks to join the strikes or leave the union. LfJ

ill be extended at least through Fridaj

In reporting onhe official East German news agency has begun to emphasize troop training and yesterday said the exercise had shown that Warsaw Fact forces are ready "to react quickly to sudden changes in the international situation and to ensure the secure military protection of socialist achievements at any tiiae."

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