Created: 3/24/1981

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POLAND: Solidarity Discusses Strike

Solidarity's National Consultative Commission reachedagreement late 'aot night to call ageneral< prvew* the recent oeatUtga of union yotfciens in Bydgoeaaa, butecision on the timing and otherhv strikeeeting scheduled to begin early thie norning.

According to Western press reports, militants argued during the heated debate for an immediate general strike. Walesa proposed instead short warning strikes on Fridayossible nationwide general strike early next week if the government fails to meet union demands to dismiss officials responsible for the Bydgoszcz incident. Walesa'f proposal was narrowly approved but then abruptly opened to new discussion, whereupon Walesa angrily left the meeting.

The union leaders did agree, however, to call an immediate general strike if the government declareslaw and to move regional union headguarters into large factories for greater protection. It is unclear whether the latter action is to bo taken immediately or onlyeclaration of martial law. *|

Even if the union delays implementationarge-scale strike action, its determination to take this course of action strengthens the argument of the regime hardliners that compromise with Solidarity is notand that the only recourse is to impose martial law despite the many risks involved.

Although party moderates probably will try again to convince the union not to strir.e, the advantage at the moment clearly belongs to those in the regime favoring forceful action. Even some of the moderates apparently are becoming discouraged. For example. Deputy Prime Minister Rakowski said in an interview yesterday that he was no longer interestedocial contract with the union if it continued to use himpunching bag."

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