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POLAND: Situation Remains Tense

Negotiations between Solidarity end Lhs. iH>yi-ae are continuing ino lower tcttiont, but the party leadership haeit intends toard line toward Solidarity's denmnde.

The Politburo leadership yesterday restated its will to resolve conflicts through "politicalut it alsoough line toward Solidarity. Theaccused the union of "tending" toward politicaland seeking to replace government authorities. This, the leadership said, creates anarchy.

The Politburo alsoough, narrow view of the incident in Bydgoszcz saying that the local Solidarity leaders had attempted touilding and that the authorities had the legal right to evict them. Thefails to mention the charges of police brutality. This will not sit well with either Solidarity or the populace who have^focused on the rough treatment of the union leaders,

No large-scale strikes are slated for today although some local strikes may take place. ationwide "strikerocedure used to prepare workers for afuture strike and to put pressure on the regime, however, will begin. onciliatory gesture, theWarsaw chapter of Solidarity agreed to cancel^a^ two-hour warning strike it had called for today, ffj

Solidarity's National Consultative Commission will meet today to discuss the union'ssteps. There will undoubtedly be pressure for the union to set strikefor compliance by the regime with Solidarity's demands. These now focus primarily on the removal of individuals,eputy Prime Minister, held responsible for the police brutality. Walesa and othei: leaders will probably try to deflect such preesure. fl|

Onion leaders will probably discuss the Politburo 'statement which Jacekeading dissident andto Solidarity, has reportedly calledommunique

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Indicating an open war." They will probably discuss also the stance Walesa should take when he resumes talks with Deputy Prime Minister RakowsVi on Wednesday. No details were released about thou trviv.on hours ot reportcdly "sharp" talks yesterday.

Soviet media coverage indicates that Moscow has already conducted its own "investigation" of the Bydgoszcz incident and found Solidarity guilty, thereby greatly narrowing the Polish regime's room for compromise in its investigation and its negotiations with Solidarity. Moscow will keep pressure on Warsaw to fulfill its pledge to.take "all measures" to ensure order in the country.

A TASS dispatch on Saturday places full blame upon Solidarity for the incident. It claims that union memberi tried "by means of force" to remain in the building when localcting "in accordance withegan to oust them.

The TASS dispatch contains the most direct Soviet criticism of Solidarity, and Lech Walesa personally, alnce the tensions of early February. It calls Walesa's comment that the situation in Poland is now more serious than it was in August an "instigatory assertion" and quotas Polish Government spokesman Barecki's statement that order in Poland is being "unceasingly violated" by Solidarity.

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