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POLAND: Political Tenalon High

Pie olaeh between po'.iae and Solidarity followers in BydgoBzosjdpoli licit Unsion to itr, Hjkcet level einoe laet November. 1

Union leadersew two-hour warning strike: yesterday but have deferred any larger strike actions until some time next week. Solidarity chief Walesa and other leaders apparently believe the incidentrovocation staged by hardliners in the government intent on undermining Prime Minister Jaruzelski.

There evidently is considerable sentiment in union rankseneral strike. Walesa argued yesterday against such an action, warning that the situation is -veryut he may have difficulty raining in union militants.

a nationwide general strike take place, tlie government would come under great pressure fromand Moscow to declare martial law. In the current atmosphere, such sn action could leadotal breakdown of civil order. If this were to occur, Moscow would almost certainly intervene militarily.

The government faces strong demands from the public to repudiate the actions of the police during the clash. Youth, media, and party groups in the Bydgoszcs area have expressed their opposition to the use of force. J J


The government has opened an investigation,reliminary report was made public this morning. It admitted that the beatings had -rcurred, but added that the commission had not established the causes of the beatings. The regime called on Solidarity to participate in the Investigation.

Jaruzelskitatement yesterday in which he said talks are "particularly necessary" in the present circumstances. Thisesponse to Solidarity'sto suspend talks with the government and may also hav- been an implicit relectlon of the police actions. While eager to avoid chargeshitewash, the regime dooa not want to heap abuse on tbe police. To do ao would give more ammunition to the hardliners and would undermine police effectiveness.

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