Created: 3/20/1981

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POLAND; Violent Incident

A elaaheiween polio* and dvscnatrating farmers wi toe pro^ataidgossca, haa raised new tension* in

According to press reports. olice roughly evictedarmers and local union members from abuilding after they refused toeeting vith local officials. Several union members were taken to hospitals, and the local Solidarity leader reportedly was hospitalirea with head injuries. This is the first lncidont involving apparently serious personal injuries since the founding of Solidarity last August.

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Solidarity leader Walesa wont to Bydgoszcz to try ro help calm the situation. The union's nationalasked all chapters "to keep absolute calm" until the incident has been mvostigated. At the sare time,_all solidarity chapters hove gona on strike alert.

Local officials reportedly took the use the police.

s by tho^poTice may reflect pent-up resentmentranksover recent attacks on their privileges.



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