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The national leadership of Solidarity hae called for urrnediate talks with the Polish Government and warned that continued harass-ment of union activists and dissidents by the regime might jeopardise "social

Afterours of talks over che weekend. Solidarityommunique yesterday stating that it "expected" talks to begin today between union leader Walesa and Premier Jaruzelski. The government has not confirmed that talks will take place. Solidarity also said that lt will press for the release of dissidents but did not name any oC them. ssfafA

that the union's national leaders had not approved the strike planned by the solidarity chapter in Lodz. Local union leaders in that city announced they wouldraduated series of strikes on Tuesday unless the government reinstates five union activists who were fired from their jobs. Walesa said ha hoped to discuss this problem with Jaruzelski. fffE*

Student Rallies

The meeting of students yesterday in Warsaw was peaceful and was highlighted by Solidarity's tribute to KOR, the leading political dissident organization. Jacek Kuron, the head of KOR, called for moderation by the workers and rebutted indirect charges that hisis the "successor"onist,a>

- Such charges were made during another rally held in Warsawroup of so-called Polish nationalists who said that Jewish nationalists had created aafter World War II. Kuron, Adam Michnik, and other leading members of KOR are

Approved for Release

Party Meeting

in Warsaw toeport on tne economy and to discuss problems associated with the preparations for theparty congreas. lenary session of thethat is drafting documentson the congress isto meet on Thursday, ammaam*

The timing of the congress apparently hasatter of contention, and the central leadership may wish to delaycentral committee member!

Military Situation

Preparations for the Warsaw Pact exercise

--The exercise is scheduled for

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