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The go-'ernment eont'^ed its harassment cfand^ ifmtj respond todayti'cng oarninn to the regime against continuing aV-'tj -Jiis

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ities yesterday tried toummons on Adameader of KOR, the country's main dissident organization. He evidently refused the summons and is now under theof "worker guards." Xn addition, Warsaw radio yesterday announced that the government has formally charged fourLeszek Moczulski, the leaderringe dissident organization that has littleattempting'to overthrow the government. 9M9

KOR and Solidarity have taken the position that no one should suffer repression because of his personal political viewa. The Moczulski case provides the stimulus for Solidarity's periodic demand that political prisoners be freed.

Tho government's actions willocal point of discussions during the meeting today of Solidarity's National Coordinating Committee. They could increase the skepticism of some Solidarity leaders about the strength of the regime's interest in resolving its problems with the union. fj*ff|

Other events slated for the weekend also may help ruffle the surface calm between the government and Solidarity. Workers in Lodz, whoa strike alert earlier this week in support of union activists fired from their jobs, apparently will meet today to decide whether to carry out tha threat, mm,

Polish students are scheduled to hold demonstrations tomorrow commemorating police repression of students Dissident leaders, including KOR's chief Jacek Kuron and Michnik, who participated in the events

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