Created: 3/6/1981

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The government haaotentially rieku step against Jaoek Xuron, who heads KOR, Poland'* leading dissident If pursued, JLC could eventually leadonfrontation with Solidarity,

According to Western newsuron weea prosecutor yesterday and officiallyha ls being Investigated for "suspectedrid leu line/ of the Polish nation, the Ccesministand authorities." Be wee siloved to go free but Instructed to appeareek at his local

Over the past few sooths, Polish and Soviet leaders and media have repeatedly cited Kuron and other prominent members of KOR as leaders of the "antisocialist" forces in Poland. Both party conservatives and Moscowhave demanded that action be taken to restrict KOR's influence within Solidarity. fM

The government's action comes the day after party chief Kania aod Prime Minister Jaruzelski returned hone from apparently tough talks ln Moscow with Soviet leaders. It may be designed to placate the Soviets as well as some domesticjsTe)

The move stillentative quality, and-t" loaders will bo watchingor Solidarity^ This could come today, when Solidarity loader Walesa meets with Jaruzelski. fates' -

Tho national Solidarity leadership evidently has *called anmeeting'for tomorrow to discuss thi* matter. Walesa has stated privately snd publicly that tho union would strike to protect tho dissidents associated with Solidarity should they ba arrested. Even though dissident Intellectuals are not held in universal esteem by workers, and Kuron himself ls not well liked, his arrest or jailing would be widely seenirect saaault on Solidarity. %


Kuron and KOR have bean acting with some moderation and have, in fact, stopped strikes when even Walesapowerless. The government has focused itson Kuron and the other dissidents, however, because they have written extensively about their long-term goals for eventually bringingadical reform of the country's political system. The regime fears the workers may become infected with these ideas. sbjbb>

Warsaw Pact Exercises

Preparations are continuing for the large Warsaw Pact exercise or series of exercisea to be.held.in. and around Polar

Armored vehicles belongingolish mechanized division at Rembertow were parked outside of their eheds yesterday, and at least nine were loaded on railroad flat cars. We have had no information that sion will

traveled through the district on Monday and Tuesdayseeing mobile communications stations, which serva Army and lower echelon forces, set upumber of locations. Preparationsront-level command post exercise among Soviet forces in Eaat Germany also were noted yesterday.

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