Created: 2/28/1981

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for Party Reform

Some of the party rank and file in Poland continue to press for radical reform of the party and are taking matters into their own hands. The party committee in the Lenin Shipyards inbirthplace ofrefused to follow Warsaw's rules for selecting delegetee to the conlne party congress and have rebuffed preesure from theCommittee to overturn elections under its rules. 4seV

have appeal elsewhere.

The shipyard committee has decided to sendto other local party organisations to spread its ideas on giving the rank andarger voice in setting policy and choosing party officials. Although the party organisations ia Gdansk may represent anviewpoint, some of their ldeee on reform could

Younger party members have been shocked byof Poland's immense economic problems and by the extent of corruption within the party. They blame the highly centralized party structure and are seekingto prevent such mistakes in the future. Party members who have Joined Solidarity probably are in the forefront Of those pressing for yacb changes. fMg

The drive for party reform may be receiving support from deputy Politburo member and Gdansk party FirstFiszbach, who told oamasmemmmmnemV last month that he disagreed with those who want "step-by-step* changes. emV>

Opposition to Reforms

The central party leadership, nevertheless, has generally criticized demands from below for far-reaching internal party reforms. The sharpest public comments have come from Poliwburo member Olszowski, who spoke out for "democratic centralism" early this month and again on Wednesday. WM)

The central party leaders are concerned about party discipline because their powers are at stake and because they are more aware than regional leaders of Moscow' sensitivity on this issue.

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