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Some members of Solidarity's leadership appear intent on using the current calm to flesh out the union's organisational structure and to olarify ite future goals. fMM)

Atnesting of the National Coordinating Commission yestarday In Gdansk, several speakers proposed that the union draft an 'ideological statement" defining Ita aims, activitiaa, and working relationship with tha On* leader apparently aaidrogram is necessary to avoid "misintsrprotatlons." Ea may have been reacting to the government'e charge thatecent activities have begun to resemble those of an opposition party.

Draftingtatement would be controversial within the union but couldlearer understanding than now exists of the role it should play. Solidarity, however, will have to avoid making it appear topolitical"it provide ammunition to party conservatives who would see itirect challenge to the party'a leading role. wM

Corame-ita by East Buropean leaders on Poland at the Soviet party congress were mixed. Hungarian party leader Kadar alone reiterated the atatement of confidence in


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the Polish party issued In December at the Warsaw Pact summit in Moscow. He also expressed "trust" in the ability of the Poles tosocialist" solution to their problems, (bsbf

East German leaderailure to mention Poland conveys the message that in Bast Germany's view everything that need be said on Poland has been said. Czechoslovak leader Husak, ln an allusion to Poland, reiterated Prague's conviction that the alliance with Moscow guarantees "imperialist" forces will not succeed in attempts to "disturb the unity of the socialist coun-tries" oi "uproot" any one "i Lts members.

Romania's Caauaescu reiterated his standard call for baaing relations between socialist states on respect for independence, sovereignty, and noninterference in internal affairs. He also repeated his line abouteach Communist Party's "right to independently decide its political line and revolutionary strategy and tactics." fern*

Paris Creditors' Meeting

Polish officials yesterdaytrong plea for quick implementation of bridging pledges by Westernfor th* second quarter of the year to prevent default. Int*tives of theations attending announced new credits or bridging finance, or promised to recommend Warsaw's request to their. seee

A small task force including representatives from the Big Four creditor countries plus Austria will have meetings in March with Polishto gather data and details about stabilization efforts. The Polish officials have agreed to provide any information needed. The US unsuccessfully pressedecond nsutral country to Join the task fore* and expressed reservations about participation, ff**

Th* Polishneedollover ofdebt and eager to tell bankers that officialh-ve decided onress release indicating agreement ia principle about US reluctancw-toommitment ledompromise stating that sufficienthad_ been_ made to Justify continuing the talks, mj

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