Created: 2/2/1981

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It considered the agreement .concluded with the government ;oo Saturday as "remaining fat behind"V explained that.it/accepted the agreement as "thataqe"truggle to gain tho union's demands. smmmV

The Commission said that the union acceptedromise on the issue of the Saturday workday becauae of the economic situation in Poland, and it demanded that the government provide more information about the economy and that there be public discussion of economic .rend public control over government economic policy. 4MM*

Solidarity alao vowed to continue to provide assist-to the farmers and said that it would consider any attacks on the farmers' trade nniona aa attacks.It also reccoewnded that .union members support tbe farmers' unions tomorrow by unspecifiedchapters of Solidarityrefore stage Job

The government, meanwhile, announced that the Sujnresmvi Court would review the question of Rural Solidarity's registration within the smartovernments*-loo went to iiseesow to conduct negotiations with farmr^ ers who have beendt-ic deaonfitrBtioueveral weeks. Tbe farmers will be advised by Bog dan. Lis, ono of Solidarity's top landers. earn

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Strikes Continue * ' .'..

Although the government apparently will notationwide general strike tomorrow,egionwiae'Strike'.Hj continues ih.the province of Bielsko, and workers in-the' province of jelenia Gora remain on a' strikehe Solidarity chapter in Bielsko is insisting that- -thernment meet several politicaltheof the head of the militiaand -the firing .of vari-v'r ous .party.'and state'1 officiateV-fsemfc^

he party's'willingness to meet-mends is limited^ but on several previous-occasions it -did.respond to union pressure by sacking local officials on the grounds that they were Accordingolish radiobroadcast, the 'provincial governmenthip in Olsztyn on Saturday requested the nationalto remove from its ranks the.former -provincial paxty first secretary. ;The pollticW

Solidarity leaders ln the province threatened a

Soviet and East European Criticism

USSR yesterday again criticizedm- -plicitly reminding the Kania regime that it cannotto compromise. TASS said that some members of >- , Solidarity continue to undermine stability andommented that In eupporting the farmers' union Solidarity ie'advancing "politloalXn> Czechoslovak and auagarisn media nave ran negativeen tarbout Solidarity thatcontain an Implicit, criticism of the Kania regime.

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