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probably used tbe visit to Poland of propaganda chief Leonid zamyatin fromoo impress on the Polish leadership the need for a

approved Dale

The Soviets stay be encouraged by the fact that over tbe .past six weeks the Poles have tightened censorship of ths media- Several Polish journalists have attributed this effort tottempt to reducenervousness. They see Politburo member Olszowski, who took charge of propaganda and ideology in December, as-he author of this policy, 4jbbb*

Debate on Cenaorehip

Moscow probably is less encouraged about the debate over revision of the censorship laws that emerged from the regime's promise last August to easeommission from the Ministry of Justice and anotheresenting journalists have been working on draft-bills but have not been able to reach an agreement. sTssemV

The most controversial points include thedemands that censors be subordinated to thethat censors' decisions be subject to appeal, and that certain publications be outside the censorship sys-tern. Even if enacted ln part, such changes wouldaltar tha system. 4jBaBs,

As on" somany, currentarty isbetween its promises to institute reformsunwillingnesa of soma powerful segments' of the>as well as tha Soviets to see such changeshas to decide whether to stall for time or toin the parliament.

The party can no longer count on parliament toapproval to any proposal. The partyis aware that the losa of control of8 was one of the factors thatthe Soviet invasion.

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