Created: 5/12/1981

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VilSCO FMtMChor It"A_ (Phonetic- pohRAYrali)

AmhaRsador-Duiilgnate to the United fJtfltes (since

Addressed asi He. Ambansador

Vasco Pereira, an able proponent ofpolicies, is highly regarded by hisfor which he haa handled many sensitive assignments. He was Ambassador to Malawi, when

Portugal had no other ambassadorslack African nation and was one of the few remaining colonial powers in Africa; special envoy to Scandinavian3 conference of tho UN-sponsoredof African Unity in Oslo that dealt withcolonics in Africa; and Ambassador to Brazil,eriod of strained Portuguese-Brazilian relations after4 military coup. From.7 until he was appointed to his current position, he was Permanont Representative to the United Nations.

is pro-US, and he supports NATO. e served on tho UN Security Council,

uuenseizure of US diplomats, he criticized thatactions harshly; he pointed out the human rights implications as well as tho potential threat to snail nations when international laws are not respectedecurrent theme of Pereira's).

octorate in history and philosophy. He joined the Foreign Ministry8 and has served abroad in Rabat, Leopoldville {nowarachi, Madrid anti Bonn.

bridgerofessional level

He speaks fluent English, French, Pereira and his wiCe have both

lie pla r; golf-

Italian and Spanish, been married before, and each has two children.


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