Created: 4/13/1981

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LE BANON : Status of Cease-Fire

Syrian forces mounted attacks over the ueekend on Phalange positions in the hills surrounding Zahlah, although the cease-fire tn Zahlah itself and in Beirut apparently held.

The Syrians used helicopter assault operations and artillery against positions on the ridges overlooking Zahlah and the Bekaa Valley in an effort to cut off Phalange resupply routes. The Christians apparently still hold positions in the hills around Zahlah,

Zahlah itself was relatively quiet over the weekend, and Lebanese internal security forces reportedly began limited patrols in the town on Sa*

The Sarkis government has reacted negatively to press accountsrench proposalider UN icekeepina rol<

The government is unwilling toN orforce to intervene because doing so would be seen as siding with the Christians, who have called for foreign intervention It also wouldcriticize the Syrians, for whom there is no available alternative.

Syria would oppose any UN action that threatensits Arab League peacekeeping mandate inSyria's current mandate were revoked, Damascustry to force the Lebanese Government to sign asecuritySarkis hasto



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