Created: 5/23/1981

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ITALY. Political Scandal

Prime Mmtater Forlani it having inareaaing difficulty{jmut on Ha government of revelations that manybelongeerat Haoonie lodge allegedly linked toof illegal aotivitiee.

investigations of theasonicfron accusations that some of its members had beenin bankuncovered membership lists Including important government, business, and military officials, as well as figures reputedly behind financial scandals and coup plotting. The press has portrayed the revelations as evliwnceonspiracy designed topolitical and economic institutions.

The Communists have called for Porlani'sclaiming that the wide-ranging interests of the Masons could only have been kept secret wltr

theoovernmont. The Social is ts.HB^TZ^Z

tried to convince Forlani to purge suspected Masons from theto mako way for Socialist-endorsed replacements. m

Forlani almost certainly would prefer-to postpone a^ showdown on the scandal until after important localegional elections next month. He already haspecial investigate have been ordered.

In another move, Forlani has modeengthy list of alleged Masons, including throe Cabinet ministers and the chiefs of the security services. Xf any newcornea to light specificallyigh-ranking government official to questionable activities of the lodge, Forlani may be forced to distance himself from thoseeven removing them from office. '

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