Created: 5/8/1981

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YUGOSLAVIA: Response to Riots in Kosovo

/he Uadovahip in Belgrade continues to blase looal leader* and foreign povero for the unrest in Kosovo Province but has get to offer any eolutions for the problem there. H|

is report to the Yugoslav Central Committee yus-torday. Party Presidium President Mojsov admitted that poor economic conditions and high unemployment in Kosovo made the province particularly vulnerable to subversive activity. Be also noted shortcomings in the provincial leadership. The party leader in Kosovo resigned onand more personnel changes arc likely.

The leadership may be divided over the politically thorny issue of financial support for Kosovo. Tha recent unrest probably has caused leaders in the wealthierto question anew the efficacyystem whereby they provide huge subsidies to Kosovo with no say in how the money is spent.

Hcjsov identified the "foreign agents' center-responsible for the riots as tha "Albanian Communist Marxist-Leninist Party in Yugoslavia" and announced that the leaders and organizers woul<

the additional military units sent to. Koaovo maintain guard over important Installations.

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