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USSR-Poland: Emphasis on tha Positive

The communique ieeuod yeeUrdau at iJ- ^ foreign Minister Cv^kf's visit to BuW KigHlxghtedhich the two governments could concur, while avoiding internal Polish issues on which their views differ, ffj

The Poles apparently secured implicit Sovietthat their party congress could take place and an affirmation of Poland's reliability as an ally. The communique reported that tha talks had occurred in aand comradely" atmosphere, suggesting die-agreement on scire issues. MM}

No reference was made to "antisocialist" activity in Poland, but neither was there any expression ofin the Polish leaders. By noting withoutthat preparations for the Polish party congress were discussed, the communique implied that while differences remain, they are not great enough to prevent the congress from convening. gWf

The Polish leaders apparently succeeded inGromyko of their determination not to allow events in Poland to threaten Warsaw Pact security. The communique affirmed that Poland "was, ie, and willirm link in the socialist community and that its alliance with the USSR is "unbreakable." While maintaining that the defense of socialism in Poland is of vital importance to its allies, the communique made no reference to the possibility of fraternal assistance. Afjf

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There ls no evidence to confirm press reports that the Soviets are preparing for general mobilization of fac-tory workers In the USSR's Carpathian Military District.

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