Created: 7/3/1981

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USSR-POLAND: Softer Soviet Line

Tha nau note of moderation in !kvict oommentaru on the eve of foreign minister uro"tyko'a visit toa intended to dampen Usstmrn speculation about possible military intervention. fWi

eek of warnings that events in Poland threaten Soviet strategicore moderate tone appeared last Saturday in remarks on Soviet televisionenior party official. Speaking the day before Gromyko's visit was announced, he sounded almost dofensive in donying that tho USSR opposes any change in Poland. He reaffirmed Soviet approval of "renewal" when used to correct past mistakes and gave Polish party chiefrudging nod of approval. mMt

Western visitors to Moscow during the past week havo beenimilar message. entral Committee

atreeaedemHsBmammmmBaVsprnVsmml smammmmVUSSR iswith caution

and restraint.

A senior Soviet official has said, however, that Gromyko's visit was to bo discussed yesterday at the regular weekly Politburo meeting. The Kremlin seems likely to usesit to continue to lobby with the Polish leadership for firmer policies and totrong message to Warsaw that the party congress must not compromise Soviet strategicn Poland.

Military Activity

Soviet exercise activity in and around Poland Is increasing, but the scope of Soviet and other Warsaw Pact activity is considerably less than that observed in the two weeks before the beginning of thexercise in March.

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