Created: 6/30/1981

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POLAND: Party Congreas Preparationa

rn* leads ra hipegun intensive final preparations for the party congreas. MJMJf

Party leader Kania atet in Warsaw yesterday with key delegates to the congress froai around the country, just hours after local organizations selected the last of theelegates. The gathering waa the first of many scheduled by the central leadership to sound out the delegates and to try to create consensus on various issues.

is speculation in Warsaw that another Central Committee plenum will be held to put the finishing touchei on congress documents, including tbe rules for electing the new leadership. The heated debates on electionprobably will be cerried over to the congress itself. Some reformers, for example, may urge direct election of the Politburo by the congreas rather than by the new Central Committee.

Only fourman party leadership failed to win delegate seats. Theyloseof former party leader Gierek and the two workers who were brought i. to the Politburo in April. Even with Kania's support, controversial Politburo member Stefan Olszowski barely won election. The Polish news agency claims thatercent of the delegates elected have never held party office and thatercent belong to Solidarity.

Soviet Envoy'B_Comments

Ambassador Aristovj AenfefemaVfammBemmm^BamV deer led "anarchy" lo Poland and orientation within the Polish party but expressed hope that the party will emerge strengthened froa the coming congress. Aristov claimed that many of the delegates to the congreas ore unknown to hie Embassy but that lt isbad thingarty to take ln new blood." SJBB|



The Soviet Ambassador commented that the letterune from the Soviet Central Cn-Miittee has hadood effect" on Polish leaders. This is the first indication of such an assessmentoviet official, if Aristov's reporting to Moscow contains such upbeat notes, it will offer the Soviet leaders at least some grounds to hope that the congress will not be totally negative to Soviet interests. mWJ

Romanian Support for Poles

Romaniaeeting of Warsaw Pact Foreign Ministers scheduled for 1st* thia month, accordingzechoslovak diplomat in Bucharest. The Romanians may have feared that the meeting, which presumably would have been held in Bucharest, wouldardline statement on Poland, thus forcing them either to abandon their generally moderate stance on the Polish crisis orirect break with their Warsaw Pact allies. ffaTao

Despite Bucharest's clear disapproval of thonow taking placo in Poland, it haa taken the position that the Poles should be left alone to solve their problems. President Coausoscu's public expression of support for Kania ana confidence in Poland's ability to overcome the -present situation"peech on Friday contrasts with recent critical statements from Moscow, Prague, and Sofia.

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