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USSR-POLANDi Reactions to Foreign communists' Criticism

The Soviets havo indicated that they are unlikely to letCommunist aritiaiern aig^ificantly in;uience their polioiee toward Warsaw.

Moscow on Saturdayetter sent to the Japanese Communist Party rebutting an earlier attack on Soviet interference in Poland. The letter argued that the fate of "socialism" in Poland was the responsibility of all Communists. It reiterated that the Polesshould remedy the situation, but added that Polish Communists must prevent their country from "going over to the imperialist camp."

Last week the Soviets attacked the Italian Communists for failing to condemn "antisocialist forces" in Poland. The article, in the Soviet magazine Sew Times, alsoMoscow's efforts to preserve Communism in Poland. These attacks indicate that while thp. Soviets arethat increased pressure on Poland would strain their relations with some Communist parties, thiswould notetermining factor in decisionmaking. fMM]

If the USSR decides to invade Poland, the Soviet party probablyormal rupture with the Italian Communists and condemnation from the Spanish, Dutch, British, Belgian, and Japanese parties among others. It also would expect criticism from the French Communists, whotronger anti-intervention posture as part of the price for participation ingovernment. fMM,

The Soviets would try to avoid these costs by using financial and other leverage on some of the smaller, less independent-minded parties to gain acceptance of their actions. In dealing with the Spanish and Italian parties, Moscow also probably would seek to justify an invasion by appealing over the heads of the leadership of the two parties to the rank and flic, who tend to be moreof Moscow.

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