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POLAND: Political Developments

Bardline Politboro member labineki haa baan reelected ca parti- leader inevelopment thr" virtually aeeuree hia stlectionelegate iu lha pjriy oongreea. UUg

Party chiaf Kania rial padZabinski's election by endorsing nisiersonal appearance at the election conference. Kania's aupport ofany Poles consider one of the party leader's mainesture at reconciliation and an effort to reassure Moscow. His action, however, may cost him some support from party liberals. UH)

Meanwhile, both the regime and Solidarity continue to respond to the concerns raised by the Soviets in their recent letter to the Polish Central Committee. Theaccordingource in Solidarity, has fired moreolicemen for trying to organize their own union. Solidarity is unlikely to protest theat least for now--because lt realizes the sensitivity ot the issue to the Soviets. fH

Solidarity is making an effort to rein in some of its most outspoken newspapers, including those that have had close ties with dissidents. Union leader Walesa ond others continue to urge moderation and cooperation with the government despite thoir unhappiness over its proposed laws on censorship, trade unions, and enterprise management, ff*?

Tha loaders of tho dissident Committee for Social Self Defense are aeriously considering the formalof their organization before the party congress. They believe that such an action would deny Moscow one of its favorite propaganda targets. The move would be little moreymbolic gesture, however, because the dissidents plan to maintalncLoBOties with Solidar-individua) basir^. MMMWUWMMMJ

Debt Rescheduling

Western bankers meeting in Paris on Wednesday and Thursday acceded to the desire of US banks to delay until the end of the year agreement to reschedule


Poland's debt repayments European banks had been anxious to sign an agreement. The banks now have more time to obtain more data from the Poles, to continue negotiations on the terms of the rescheduling, and to see how the Polish political situation developseven-year rescheduling. UMj

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