Created: 6/26/1981

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POLANDi Report of Combined Maneuvers

Ue have no evidence to confirm that cabined Polish-Soviet training exercise* are occurring in Poland, as reported yesterday by the Polish Neve Agency. MM

Tho Polish announcement claimed that the 'traditional" exercises are routine in nature and are confined to Army training areas in southern Poland. Twice in the past the Polish media have highlighted combined maneuvers during times of tension when no such maneuvers were occurring. Me continue to note no unusual activity by Warsaw Pact military forces in ond around Poland.

Poliah Party Disarray

Tho Polish party leadership continues to havein manipulating the selection of delegates to tha party congress. wo-day debate, provincial party eembers ln the western city of Poznan decidedto allow tho candidacies of three individualsby the Politburo. The results of the election of the delegates ara not yet available. mm

Hardline Politburo member Grabski, embroiledeated argument on the matter, was supported via tele-phono by party leader Kania, who has been trying to ensure that current membera of the leadership and some longtime party activists be elected as delegates. mm

Contrary to earlier reporting, Grabski apparently has not yet been electedelegate; he and three other hardliners on the Politburo evidently will stand forthis weekend, when tho party conferences are scheduled to end. The election results willajor Impact on Soviet assessments of the Polish situation. mm

The provincial party conferences continue to make major changea in tho local party organizations. In at least three provinces, the entire local party leadership has been replaced. In other areas, there haspercent turnover ln personnel. MM


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Soviet Criticism of Kania

A party lecturer in Leningrad has gone the furthest of any Soviet official in publicly criticising Kania and acknowledging the possibility of eventual Soviet military intervention. He echoed the line that events in Poland are partlobal campaign by the US and its allies to alter ths strategic balance. He compared Kania to Csech Party leader Dubcek, charged Kania with doing nothing to reverse the course of events, and said that he isa policy of capitulation to "antisocialisthen asked if the USSR will have to intervene militarily, he replied that "anything is possible, but it ia not yet necessary." fMt

Although these remarks are not authoritativeof Politburo policy, such lecturers follow guidelines provided by the party and their messages ara intendedomestic audience. The speaker's willingness tothe possibility of intervention apparentlyecision by Soviet leaders to prepare tha population for that contingency. fj|

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