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POLAND: Support Cor Solidarity

Soviet officials have previously indicated, sometimes publicly, that pro-Solidarity sentiment is so strong among Polish troops that it is impossible to predict how they would respond if ordered to act against the populace. While these doubts will not deter the Soviets fromthe Polish authorities to take vigorous action, they will drive home to Moscow the scale of effort required for an intervention of its own. asjj

Pravda on Tuesday reported that Polish emigres hadoviet war memorial in Vienna. Soviet media have so far remained silent about similar Incidents within Poland. fMW

A reversal of this policy would represent another indictment of Warsaw for its failure to act against anti-Soviet elements. It also would be another step toward preparing the Soviet population for possible intervention.

Polish Media

The head of the Polishy's media department, Jozefwas criticized fit the plenum last week--


is the party's first effort to convince Moocow it will try to exercise greater control over the media. eplacementrotege of the former media chief, who exercised tight control over his department. fMg

The removal of Klasa may beymbolicIt will not be easy to rein in Polish journalists who will defend their newly won freedom and who havea stronger professional organization, fftf


There also will be strong resistance within the partyeturn to previous ways of managing the media. Klasa and the editor in chief of one of ths party's most outspoken dailies have already been elected as delegates to the party congress. Solidarity has offered support to any journalist who suffers reprisals for honest

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