Created: 6/15/1981

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USSR-POLAND: Officials Deny Imminent Intervention

A nixibep of Soviet and East European officials aver the paet veek have stated that there are no plane for an imminent Soviet military intervention in Poland.

The chief editor of the Soviet party's ideological journal Kommuniet on Friday assured

that armed intervention was not under consider-

ation by the Soviets. The editor, who recently visited Poland, claimed that the Soviet letter to the PolishCommittee was an attempt to be responsive to the growing concerns among Polish Communists over thesituation in their country. BJfJBj

[Moscow will await the results of the Polish

party congress before deciding on military intervention. If the naw leadership elected at the congress adopts firm measures to reverse the tide of liberalization and revive the Polish economy, the Soviets would give the new course "several months."

Moscow does not have much hope, however, that such measures will be adopted because of the failure last week of party conservatives to oust party chief Kania and the election of numerous Solidarityas_dele-

the USSR ia fully prepared and will not hesitate tomilitarily, despite what it realizes are enormous costs.

Two high-level Bast European officials also contend that no Soviet military intervention is imminent. Bul-garlan Foreign Minister MXudenov told famamaammmmmmmmmamme

last Tuesday that talkoviet military cove was "pure speculation" and that only Poland can solve its own problems. Romanian Foreign Minister Andrei told

yesterday that his government sees no evi-lence of an imminent military intervention in Poland,comments made to Western officials by two Romanian diplomats last week.

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