Created: 6/13/1981

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POLAND: Continued Political Preaaure

continuing to apply heavy political preesure

on .he Polieh leadership, but ve have not yet seen any Sovietpreparatione for intervention. faaBBBBoTasBssV

Prime Minister Jaruselski again shuffled tho Polish Government yesterday and pledged that the government would

but cooperate further

with Solidarity. Onion leader Walesa is askingto avoid political issues, thus seekingsupport the regime's leaders.

* th*nafter party leader Kania's pledge to take action in response to Soviet criticism, TASSthat despite the resolution of the Polish party,Publicatione continue to circulate in Poland. TASS also published, without comment, portions of the resolution passed by the Polish plenum. The clearis that the Soviets will not tolerate the Polish leaders temporizing, evenay, in implementing their latest commitments. MM

Jaruselski's Speech to Parliament

Warning that Poland was "again on the brink ofKania earlier thisa balanced approach to dealing with the crisis. Hethat the government would stop or severely punish anti-Soviet acts, adding that -madmen who might sot fir* to our joint national homes" would not be tolerated. MM

With the latest cabinet reshuffle, at leastinisters andeputy ministers havo been fired since September. Planning Commission Chief Kisiel appears to be retiring for legitimate health reasons, but tho rooson for replacing Minister of Justice Sofia ia less certain. His ministry has not acquitted iteolf well in theover the beating of Solidarity activists in March, an incident that haaource of almosttension. On tho other hand, Bafia could havo come under criticism because four dissidents wore recentlyfrom pretrial detention. His replacement is the party's expert on constitutional law. emu

Approval (or Release tew AUG 9


On the economic front, Jaruzelski said thatproduction has fallen ovarercent in the first five monthsompared to tha same period last year, and that market supplies have dropped over 6 In addition, the regime may not have enough goods to satisfy rationing commitments. Prospects forlater this year are pooriesult, plan targets will have to be revised downward at the next meeting of the parliament onune. MfMJ

Walesa'a Peace Offensive

The Solidarity leader hasour of factories to convince union activists that domestic peace ia necea-sary both for Poland and for the union. He is urging members to concentrate on trade union matters and to avoid political issues. MM

Walesa believes that the union needs to consolidate the gains it has made and improve its organizational structure before its congress in late August. He is also aware that labor unrest in the next several months would give party hardliners and Moscow additional arguments.rackdown. (C)

Whether Walesa will succeed depends on his ability to control union militants in the face of possible provocations by hardliners. Walesa is, for example,to protecting dissidents; should they be arrested, he would come under great pressure to support strikes, jaj Military Situation

There have been no signs of the callup ofor other preparations for militaryforces are engaged ln training activity andfor harvest support, which are normal forof "

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