Created: 6/6/1981

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USSR-POLAND: Open Polemics

WrntKm yesterday of ite aupport for tha hardline resolutions of the Katooice Party Forum and its denunciation of the releaae of four anti-Soviet dissidents as "another concession to counterrevolution" indicates that it is ready to confront the Polish party leadership openly over liberalisation in Poland, kmf

The Soviets are standing by the forum despite the fact that its resolutions were condemned by most of the Polishthethat it has been forced to suspend activities. TASS said yesterday that the forum's resolutions analyze the currentfrom "Marxist-Leninist positions" and give aappraisal" of the dangers threatening socialism in Poland. Most significantly, TASS criticized those Poles who described the position of the forum asword used in the Polish Politburo statement about the forum's activities. MM

Moscow undoubtedly realizes that the forum does notase from which to build wide aupport in tho partyarder line. If tho Sovieta originallythe forum because they believed it mightthis base, they would have cut their losses and

treated quietly when it was isolated by party criticism.

Soviet media alao quickly condemned tho release from pretrial custody of four dissidents belonging to theof an Independent Poland. They accused the confederation of being intent on "liquidating" Poland's socialist system and breaking up its alliance with the socialist countries. Public pressui- for their release-in the form of hunger strikes, marches andgrown in recent months, and the Polish regime probably hoped its action would lower doeeatlc tensions over the charge it is holding political prisoners. JM

The fact that the Kremlin has taken the etand it haa indicatea that it will attempt to get the Polishto rein in liberalization through more open The positions being taken by both sides are not irreversible, but by conducting the polemic in the open ^he^^room^or manouvor is steadily shrinking. MMM1

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