Created: 6/5/1981

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POLAND: Tension* Rising Again

har* in Poland ia heating up aa liberals

ounteroffensive againet recent hardline criticism, the party begins ite final eeleotion of deUgatea tc the congreaa in mid-July, and Solidarityajor etrik*.

The criticism of the party leadership by theParty Forum probably will farther weaken the already feeble conservative forcea in the Polish party. Liberals are trying to identify the aponaors of the forum and may work even harder for the expulsion of party officials whoso commitment to reform ia suspect. Wfj

Organizers of the forum yesterday announcedof their activities for the time being. Thia may beactical retreat and will not be enough to divert the liberal countoroffensive. UM

The East Germans apparently are concerned that the forum's activities will be used to discredit Katowice party leader Zabinakl, whom they conalder their moat important contact. 4mmml

ecret meeting with an Eaet German official in late May, Zabinaki apparently was highly critical of Kania and current party policy, emmmaaml the Katowice partythe organizers of the forum. eaamW

Politburo Member To Retire

The first of what promise* to be many changes in the top party leadership was announced yesterday. Politburo ir.ember and Head of State Jablonskirovincial conference selecting delegates to the party congress that he will retire from political life. Jablonski probably realizes that he has little chance of being selectedelegate to the congreas or of remaining in the leadership. MU

Thue far, only one Politburo member haseat as aprerequisite to being reelected to the


he had significant opposition. riter recently added to the leadership, has been defeated in local delegate electiona. 4aV

Host other leaders probably will win delegate seats, but they will have to maneuver carefully becauae the rank and file are demanding major personnel changea, and the more democratic election process is leas auaoeptible to manipulation. The selection of delegates will continue until lata this month. aaaf

Party chief Kania reportedly may aeok election tomorrowelegate from Gdansk. He presumably haa the assurances of the local party leader, whoonsiderable following, that he has the votes toefeat would be moreinor setback, however, because the new rulesefeated candidate from running for election from any other province.

Strike Threat

Local Solidarity leaders in Bydgoszct havewo-hour warning strike foruneeglonwlde strike forune if the regime does not finish itsof the beatings of three Solidarity activists there in March. The government yesterday agreed to meet with Solidarity officials on Monday to discuss the iasue.

The national leadership of Solidarity had motin Bydgoszcz and endorsed the strikes. If the strikes take place, they would come one day after the end of the two-month strike moratorium requested by Prime Minister Jaruzelski in early April.

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