Created: 6/5/1981

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USSR-POLAND: Th* Anti-Soviot Issue

ilence of almost two weeks, the Soviets are beginning to respond publicly to the number of anti-Soviet incidents being reported by the Polieh press. WBt

Moscow Radio on Tuesdayocalofficialown in southern Poland who urged that streets and buildings named after Soviets be given Polish names. It also alleged that he had threatened to resort to violence against local Communists if the changes were not made. Solidarity leader Walesa has stated that the Soviet claim is "fit for the wastebasket." WMj

Tho Soviet press reported yesterdayeeting in Warsaw of the Soviet-Polish Friendship Society that declared its readiness to giveesolute rebuff to anti-Soviet elements" andulgarian party daily editorial, which stated that "increased manifestations of anti-Sovietisra"angerous phenomenon. Moscow continues to remain silent, however, on reported attacks on Soviet soldiers and defacements of memorials to Soviet war dead in Poland. The latest such incident, carried in the Polish press yesterday, was denounced by the Hungarian media. BW

Th* Soviet military ls becoming increasinglyover the anti-Soviet attitude of the Polish.

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