Created: 5/29/1981

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EASTERN EUROPE: Increasing Concern Over Poland

Growing anxiety in Eastern Europe over preparatione for the Polieh party eongrees in mid-July increases chancesarsaw Pact summit might be held before then vo warn the Poles against sweeping liberalisation, MM

A high-level Czechoslovak Foreign Ministry official said last week that the movement for renewal within the Polish party is sending "shock waves" throughout the Communist world and tbat the Poles could easily go beyond the "critical point." He stated that seriousis being glvan toummit soon to discuss events in Poland. fl|

Hungary and Bulgaria, which have thus far treated Polish eventsow-key manner, also are showing signs of heightened concern. The Bulgarian party reportedly issued on Monday an internal letter deploring theof large numbers of "extremists" as delegates to the party congress. Several Hungarian officials privately expressed concern recently over what they called aIncrease ln crimereakdown ln public order in Poland. MM

The East Germans have begun to gather firsthand information on the Polish situation and to lobbv aaainst


senior Eaet German officials ar* traveling to .and to seek out "reliable" Polish functionaries and urge greater resistance to party reforms and delay of the congress. East Berlin and Prague ooth would like party chief Kania to be replaced by hardliner Stefan Olssowski before the congress.

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