Created: 5/27/1981

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POLAND: Domestic Security Concerns

The partial breakdown of che authority of the police and security services and greater public hostility toward the Soviets have put the government and Solidarity in difficult positions.

The Council of. Ministers on Monday warned thatcrime threatens the basis of social life and called "impermissible" recent accusations and insults aimed against Soviet soldiers. Both developments are the result of the social ferment of the pastonths. Poles are no longer willing to suffer quietly any real or imagined mistreatment at the hands of their own' authorities or of the Soviets,

These incidents also will put pressure on theleadership to continue its moderate behavior. Although the union has lad the drive to put morelimits on the police, its leaders may fear anwill get out of hand and the government will feel compelled to use force to restore order. To improve the effectiveness of the police, the government has begun_ using joint patrols of regular and military police. MM

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