Created: 5/22/1981

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EASTOLAND: Criticiso of Warsaw

East Germany's renewed kfftfttU aerie, coverage of the situation tn Poland is intended to put pressure on the Polish leadership and Intimidate the East German papulosa,

Commentaries this week describing thoof the Kania regime and the econonic chaos in Poland may presage an increased propaganda campaign by Moscow, East Berlin, and Prague as the Polish party congress in mid-July draws near. East Berlin accused Polishofficials of denying that the crisis was deepening


The East Cormans also have expressed alarm over what they called "factions' within the Polish party andattacks on "democratic centralism.' The rigid East Gorman leadership views itself as especially threatened by any weakening of central control and wants Warsaw to halt this trend in the party.

Although there is now little inclination among East Germans to follow the Polish lead and challenge the the party wants to warn against emulation by citing tho grim consequences or forces set in motion by It claims that in Poland there ia an "avalanche" of inflation, threatening unemployment, food shortages,terrifying" riso in crime, ffffj

East Berlin, at the same time, remains unsure of how to regulate contacts with the Poles. ew policyexchange visits by factory delegations, and Polish guest workers in Rostock reportedly havo been deported because of their political activity. The party,je^jjed^approval of BOSM student and youth exchanges.

East German officials, including tho Ambassador to Washington, havo been uncharacteristically open in ex-preusing to US officials thoir pessimism and frustration over the events in Poland. Their anxiety may come from tho growing realizationuick or easy reversal of Polish trends la unlikely.

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