Created: 5/20/1981

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polandi Pood Shortages Continue

Food shortages inlee* acute than inremain troublesome, with consumption of meat and dairy products dotft by overercent this year-

Poland's urban population has beon hit hardest as farmers retain more food for their own use rather than shipping it to urban areas. Inargerof total supplies are now handled throughoutlets and blackausing higher prices and long lines for urban consumers. Tho shortagesbasically from the sharp drop in Polishproduction last year, but the situation waaby panic buying and hoarding earlier this year.

Because of difficulties in rebuilding herds, meat shortages will continue for at least several years. The meat rationing system implemented ln April brought some improvements, but it has encountered many anaga. face long delays in registering for ration books and frequent changes in regulations, bbbb

Despite theso problems, rationing has been extended to butter and grain products other than bread and will be applied to infant food productsuly. Informal local rationingariety of other foodstuffs is ffaVfl

New cropa probably will bring some relief by July. If the weather is favorable,U.va-average grainseems likely, but the outlook for nongraln crops is mixed. ecent article in the official Polish press projecting another poor grain harvest may have been designed to make the case for continued large food aid from the "est.

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