Created: 5/13/1981

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USSR-POLAND: Soviet Media Commentary

houcov continues ite media attacks on Solidarity and thsbut has not reiUratsd its criticism of late last month direoted at "revisionists" in the Polieh Communist Party. MM)

ASS dispatch laat Thursday and an article in Proved yeaterday, the Sovieta accusedthey claim is dominated by the "antisocialist'1 dissident groupur^ermining Poland'a economy and attempting to aalze political power. Quotingolish weekly, the TASS dispatch contenda that Solidarity's recently published program differa from thatolitical party only in the absenceoreign policy section, fjaj


Soviet media haveore positive tone in their treatment of tha Polish party sinceh Party Plenum onpril. Although Moscow is still not express-ing confidence that the party can reassert its authority, oome articles have noted that Polish Communists haveto "regroup" for an offensive against "counterrevolu-

The overall tone of Soviet commentary suggests that Moscow has not lost all hope in the party leadership's ability to come upound strategy for containing pressures for reform. Nevertboloss, its continuedat developewints in Poland Indicates that the Kremlin intends to keep some pressure on the Polish leaders. MM

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