Created: 5/9/1981

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POLANDi Maintaining Domestic Calm

The government and Solidasitg- ore working io preserve the

political calm that haa prevailed in Poland foronth. U

Tha two sides are pursuing negotiations on sensitive issuesusinesslike manner and have cooperated to ease local tensions that earlier might have led to Solidarity leaders, including leadingAdam Michnik, on Thursday helpedrowd that was demonstrating in front of the police headquartersown just south of Warsaw to protest th* arrest and beating of two youths by police, bsbbv

Progress was made this weekompromise on Solidarity's demand for regular access to radio and television. The government also generally agreed that the union could operate its own radio and television studio. Other teams of negotiators reportedly discussed Solidarity's call for reforms to the legal systemood atmosphoii'. mm1

Tho government also kept its promise this week to present legislation to register the independent farmers' union, Rural Solidarity. The action has led to theof some leaders of the Peasants' Party, which may now try to regain support by representing farmers' interests store forcefully. Rural Solidarity will step up its organization efforts this weekend and probably will soon begin negotiations with the government to secure moro goods and services for farmers. WW

Although few of the toughest issues have beensome moderates in Solidarity believe that the government want* to negotiate settlements to problems. They also have come to realize that the union will not get everything it wants and that tactics other than strikes are useful in exerting pressure on the regime.

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