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POLAND: Soviet Treatment of Kania'a Speech

Soviet iwrfia coverage of Polieh party leader Xante'* epeeeh on ^edneeday euggeete that Moeeou approved only hie tougher etatemente and i* etvll waiting for the Polee to do more than talk. Poliehto the plenum hao thus far been limited. Solidarity and the government have reaehed agreement on th* union'* acoeeo to th*media. mMl

Initial Soviet media coverage indicates that Moscow has given Kania'sixed review. Most of the tougher portions are quoted. References are omitted to policies Moscow finds objectionable, including proposed changes in the party statutes and the promotion of greater intraparty democracy. fMM

Kania's strong statement on the need to preserve party control of tho media also is not sientionod, which may indicate skepticism that he Intends to abide by his words. Although the Soviets do Include positiveto Solidarity, they devote far more space to Kania's criticisms of Solidarity. MM

Solidarity's Access to Radio and TV

According to Polieh radio. Solidarity and government negotiators yesterday agreed that the union will have the right to produce its own radio and TV programs. The two sides are continuing their discussions on the length and frequencies of the programs, fffj

May Day Celebrations

May Day this year in Poland will focus on national and religious values almost to the exclusion of theattention to international worker solidarity.vlu he no grand marches of workers; instead there will be festivals, rallies, and Church masses. The party is trying without much success to keep up appearances that it is stage-managing the colcbrntions.

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