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POLAND: Moscow Condemns Revisionis-**

Moscow over tJui weekend showed eigne of continued concern about the Polish situation by attacking "revisioniste" within the Polish party. At the same time, negotiations between Solidarity

and the government went relatively smoothly. The military eitua-

tion in and around Poland remains calm. fJPJ

A TASS dispatch on Saturday claimed that there are "revisionists" in the Polish party determined toit, an indication that Soviet Politburo member Suslov's talks with the Polish leadership havetho Kremlin's opposition to party liberalization in Poland. The charge by Moscow also places added pressure on Pirst Secretary Kania to oppose far-reaching changes at the Central Committee plenum on Wednesday. ww

The term "revisionist" is one of the most serious charges that the Soviets can level against anotherregime, and Moscow used it to describeparty liberals before the invasion The TASS article attached this label to the Polish party's rank-and-file members, who have become increasingly critical of the party leadership and have begun to organize what they call "horizontal"as the recent meeting inmake their voices heard, Mj$

There has been no direct mention of the meeting in Torun in the Soviet media, but TASS clearly was referring to it whon it claimed that "revisionist forces" under the guise of "BO-callodotures" wereto undermine the party. TASS' contention that this activity is being conducted outside party statutes is an implicit warning to the Polish Central committee not to tamper with those statutes, as it seems certain to do, at the plenum. fMM

Talks Proceed Smoothly

Solidarity and the government yesterday concluded six months of talksraft trade union law that now will be published for public discussion. Although not

Approved tor Release

ciaco hid mm


all of che controversial pointsresolved, the draftlause that allows for the registration of an independent farmers' union. mm)

The Poliah Church, meanwhile, yesterday announced that Cardinal Wysxynski would require lengthy treatment for his illneaa, implying that he would ba absent from public view for an extended period. mm

Military Situation

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