Created: 4/14/1981

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solidarity has prepared en ambitious list of demands that will be difficult for the government to meet even halfway. aside from the familiar issuesarmers' union and punishment of those responsible for the incident at bydgoszcz, the union wants:

in judicial statutes to give thea degree of independence.

of the penal code to limit the role of the police.

--regular union television and radio programs

a degree of autonomy in producing them.

speaking on national television yesterday. leader walesa indicated there is room for compro-raise in the union's position. be also virtually dismissed prime hiniater jaruzelski's proposed strike ban aa an "empty appeal" and called on the government to makea gesture of good will. mu9m

the government may put forward its economicproposals as negotiating counters but probably will still press for modification of tha union demands. continuing disagreement by the two sides on television coverage threatens to delayiks. mjff

Prmoa critical of polish party

moscow yesterday lasued its most direct publioof the poliah coernnaoist party thus far. revealing ita acute concern that thegrowing use ofpractices threatens to alter its orthodox nature.

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party unity the "most important'1 problem facing Poland, Pravaa accused "some people" of using intra-party discussions to advocate "ideologicalnd urged the removal of those who are not "politically mature." Moscow is concerned that young radical party members will uae the party's freer rules to oustmembers of tho apparatus and become an influential force within the party. *| ^

Moscow's efforts to influence the selection of Polish party officials and delegates to the partymay have little effect on the radicals, but will help strengthen tha resolve of party moderates to resist rmiam,

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