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POLANDs Parliament Supports Jaruzelski

The Poliehvolution supporting Prim* Minister Jaruzelski's proposedtrike* apparently does not have the furtse' IsuJcr Lki ^JOr-smmnurable latitude. Solidarity has dravn bank from it* initially negative reaction and ie preparing for negotiation* later thie week, parts of which the government has tentatively agreed to televise. The Soviets have not yet comented on Jaruseleki's proposal but may believe that he is now publiolu committed to acting forcefully in rest to strikes.

military activity ieower level. Heammue, on rneay Warsaw -cached tentative agreement with Western governments on debt relief.


The parliament's resolution conveys its collective

sense toward many of the issues raised by Jaruzelski,

but appears to fall short ofaw. Although it

could provide theandate to use force if

confronted by strikes, the resolution does not obligate

the government to do ao. ews service report stated

that some Solidarity leaders believe the parliament

toned down its resolution ln response to the union's

negative reaction.

The union's press spokesman has played downinitial reaction, saying that the union willformal statement after consulting the rank and

that Solidarity will abidern if the government agrees to respect the security of the union and its members. The govcrnsent has already given general assurances to this affecl, and the union may seek more specific commitments during thia week's talks, eesss

Soviet Reaction

Moscow probably wanted Jaruzelski to go further than he did but may be content to allow this latest Polish effort to run its course. The USSR probably will try to use the Prime Minister's warning that another "sharp collision" like Bydgoszcz wuuld have catastrophicto press the regime to take decisive action in the next showdown with Solidarity. 4Tbbs)

Approved ,or Release


Soviet Politburo member and top ideologist Suslov addressing the East German party congress yesterday, followed Brezhnev's load of last week andild tore on Poland. In remarks similartnose made by another Soviet Politburo member at the Bulgarian party congresspril, Suslov failed to mention Poland by name but stressed that even the slightest deviation from Marxist-Leninist principles invariably leads to "dire consequences." He also stressed the need for "vigilance- against "reactionary" attempts to undermine tho socialist community by interfering in the internal affairs of socialistmmm

Soviet media, meanwhile, haveenerally more restrained stance on the Polish situation. The limited coverage included summaries of speeches by party leader Kania and Jaruzelski that ignored aspects of the situation that do not meet Soviet approval. Soviet media have not imported, for Instance, theof the party leadership by the rank and file during Kania's appearance in Gdansk or Jaruzelski's conciliatory comments on Solidarity and the Bydgoszcz incident. oBJSXaK.

At the East German congress over the weekend party chief Honecker's direct references to Poland were short and bland. The Bulgarian delegate gave tho Polish regime an endorsement that seems to go beyond what Brezhnev said in Prague, but the Hungarlanspoke more negatively than Budapest has in the past, fl LT*


Debt Rescheduling

Poland and IS Western countries hope to reach an agreement before the end of this month for rescheduling ofercent of principal and interest on official debt falling due this year. The draft agreement providesour-year grace period with repayment over anfour years. aSJ aa


A "termination" clause in tho debt packagecancellation in the event of "exceptionala Soviet invasion of Poland ormeasures against Solidarity. ondition of rescheduling, Poland accepted balance-of-payments targets both with the West and with other Communist countries, and domestic economic stabilization goala. *| 0

The amount that would be rescheduled under theis estimated5elativelyof the totalillion debt service1 May throughecember. Moreover,will be needed if Poland, as ltto do, continues to run a

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