Created: 4/11/1981

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til. SALVADOR: cruasi in) Violence andri sir.

The executions in San Salvador on Tuesday of soot? two dozen suspected leftists, apparently by Treasury Police, will rekindle frictions between Christian Democrats and the officer corpa over thu long-delayed transfer of the police director. Colonel Moran. Although some Christian Democrats seem certain to demand that the high command fulfill earlier pledgee tr^remove Koran, he may prove difficult to dislodge, fl


attack this weak was actuallyeftist hideout and that several of those killed were terrorists. Tha security forces, however, apparently used th*iopportuju ty to dispose of other suspected laftlats. MM

The human rights violations by security forcea and the escalation of rigjhtwlng tarrorlam throughout tha country reflect tha growing confidence of tho military that it ia gaining tha upper hand over guerrilla foroas. Ultrarlghtista ara, ln turn, encouraged to eliminate thoaa liberals and moderate laftiata astiklng to change tha status quo. A

The high command haa transferred several of the most extreme rightist officora, but alao is acgulaaclog in actions that will encourage axtrerne rightwing activitlaa. Xt haa, for example, racantly issued an official declaration threatening foreign journallata who report unfavorably andist of "tra^ora" thatumber of civilian progresalvea. f |


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