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Humberto CALDSROH Berti (Phonetic: cahldayROHU

Minister of: Energy and Mines (since9

Addressed as:Minister

and mostMiniatar in the He ia

Known international pe-trolejn expert. Head of the Ministry thatthe economic lifeblood of Venezuela, Calderon is the major designer of his country's aggressive and- fax-reaching petroleumto-improve Venezuela's troubled oil-dependent econony and to establish his countryajor democratic world power, particularly in the Caribbean andAmerican region.

Mexican oil assistance program, the dominant figure behind bilateral oil ties to many European, Arab and Latin American countries.

spokesmanEKHTjrci.netin OPEC is the cornerstone offoreign economic policy. Calderon serves as President Luis Herrera Canpfns' chief adviser on the Kiddle East. trong proponentnified price systen and OPEC solidarity, herincipal mover behind OPEC efforts to reduce oil production levels and to maintain high market prices favorable to OPEC. He does not hesitate to criticize member

R M8



Calderon is an avid supporter ot Third world

economic development.

| Ha nas been paeticuiafiy

active in ettorts toatin American energy cooperation* plan Cor the development of energyin Latin countries/ and he would like to see the United States and Canada play atimited role in the program, particularly in providingand technology transfer.


Calderonegree in geoLogy from the Central University of Venezuela He also holds both. degree in petroleum engineeringnd an honorary) from the Uni--versity oC Tulsd in Oklahoma; During

Oklahoma; During director of the Petrfileos

servedirector ot tne fetroieos de Venezuela, ttje state petroleum company, and4 he has been associated with the nationalization ofoil assets. 5 he established the Foundation for Petroleum and Hydrocarbon Research and was its president. Before assuming bis present post he served for three years as vice president and de facto head of the Venezuelan Institute ofTechnology, the research arm of Petr61eos de Venezuela.

Personal Data

Laiawron nas puniisneo ceennicai articles tot journalsook onoil nationalization. requent traveler, he has attended many seminars and petroleum industry conventions in the United States.

peaks fluent English. Harried, he has two daughterson, who attends Culver Military Academy in Indiana.


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