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EGVPT: Security Pre.-autions

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Military and police forces are being particularly watchful in Cairo, where there were two small terrorist incidents on Thursday. En Asyut tha regime claims to have quelled the islamic fundamentalist terrorists who reportedly Killedolicemen in two days of clashes.

Israelis Watchful

President-designate Moubarek is continuing efforts to reassure Egypt's allies of his commitment to former President Sadat's policies. Moubarek met with Sudanese President Nimeiri yesterdayl

Moubarek yesterday met with Israeli Prime Minister Begin, and the Israelis appear cautiously encouraged by Moubarek's initial support for the Camp Davidprocess and tiie peace treaty. This meeting and Moubarek's interview with an Israeli newspaper seem to have calmed initial Israeli apprehension about the depthhis corcmitaent to Sadat's peace policies. kmtaL


Soviets Keeping Door Open


Soviet media are repeating Arab calls for Sadat1 successors to repudiate his policies. These include statements from Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Jordan, as well as from PLO leader Arafat and former Egyptian Chief of staff Shazli. The Soviets, however, have not carried the most offensive comments of some Arab leaders, nor ace they gloating over the assassination, ftjgg

Moscow has indirectly criticized Moubarek by pointing to Washington's and Tel Aviv's "satisfaction" with his reaffirmation of Sadat's policies. At the same time, the Soviets have been careful to keep the door open to Cairo, stating that the USSR "has alwaysupporter of friendly and equitable cooperation with Egypt." ffl

Moscow is claiming that Sadat's assassination caused "nervous shock" and "veritable pandemonium" in Washington. Some articles charge that th* US, through its alert of some military forces in the area, ia using Sadat's death to increase ita "crude interference in Arab affairs."

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